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The IVF lab is at the core of today’s reproductive medicine.

Cutting-edge fertility treatments change the lives of our patients. Positive pregnancy tests and dreams fulfilled are all possible because of the rigorous standards and highly skilled IVF laboratory professionals that we are privileged to have working in our Plano / Frisco, Texas IVF lab. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is located in our main office in Frisco.

Even patients that only need basic fertility testing and treatment can benefit from the services of our onsite IVF lab. Your initial fertility workup takes place at one of our fertility clinics, and the lab results will help your physician prepare a personalized plan. If you should need IVF and other advanced lab techniques associated with IVF such as egg freezing, embryo vitrification, ICSI or PGS/PGD, our lab specializes in these advanced reproductive technologies as well.

State of the ART IVF Laboratory

The embryology laboratory, where embryos are created during an IVF cycle, has a major role in any fertility center and our lab is state-of-the-art, and that is what sets apart from many other fertility centers.

The IVF lab has equipment for the creation of healthy embryos, including incubators capable of producing a reduced oxygen environment; this is important when culturing embryos to the blastocyst stage on days 5 and 6 of in vitro development. The IVF lab also has the latest in micromanipulation and laser equipment for precise and fast microsurgical procedures, such as assisted hatching, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Clean Room Laboratory Isolation

The entire laboratory is isolated from the exterior environment by using tightly sealed ceilings, light fixtures, walls, utility connections and airtight doors. This makes the lab impermeable to contaminant agents, microbes and airborne toxins seeping into the room. The embryology laboratory is held in a pressurized state above the adjoining procedure rooms so that air can only move from the embryology lab to the procedure room and out. This prevents any toxin or contaminant in the air from entering into the lab when the doors of the lab are open.

The system is also set up so that if a significant air pollution situation occurs such as an outside fire or a chemical spill we can change to a ‘submarine mode’ and we can re-circulate the air inside the laboratory in place of utilizing outside air. This very intricate system was designed to mimic the defense and detoxification mechanism that occurs naturally in the female during the growth of the embryo inside her body. Laboratories that have been poorly designed can cause decreased pregnancy rates because of the embryo toxic materials in the air. Failing to isolate the embryos from these substances can produce increased stress on the developing embryos causing decreased pregnancy rates.

Advanced Particle and Chemical Air Filtration System

The environment where the embryos are grown is critically important. It has been very well documented that the air in the laboratory itself can change the quality of the embryos produced. Embryos are very sensitive to microbes, particles and volatile organic compounds in the air. Embryos don’t have a defense system like a human being. Fertility Specialists of Texas has one of the most advanced HVAC systems specially designed to defeat this issue. The HVAC system supplies a constant temperature and controlled humidity despite the climate outside or the time of year. A stable, controlled environment is necessary in order to achieve the maximum performance from all of the specialized laboratory equipment.

Our center is known for its highly successful IVF program and pregnancies rates. We make pregnancy possible for many people even the most complicated diagnoses of infertility. When IVF is part of your future, contact the experts at Fertility Specialists of Texas.

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