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Our support staff helps keep the LGBT family-building process on track

When LGBT fertility care comes to mind, hopeful parents often think of the reproductive endocrinologists and fertility nurses that help make parenthood possible. However, at Fertility Specialists of Texas, we know that our support staff in the office also plays an important role in helping our patients become parents.

These amazing people keep the administrative process running smoothly

It’s true that a lot happens in the exam rooms at our clinic, but our administrative offices are also very busy places.

We have members of our support team dedicated to scheduling new and existing patient appointments and answering questions. Some of our team members guide our patients through the details of third party reproduction. Other support staff work in billing and insurance to help patients make LGBT family-building more affordable.

A lot goes into helping our patients have a smooth and worry-free experience at our clinic. However, it’s worth the work because it helps hopeful parents focus on achieving their goal of seeing a positive pregnancy test and bringing home a healthy baby.

Allow our support staff to help you start your journey

Our incredible team of fertility doctors, nurses and support staff are here to help you get started on your family-building journey. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we’ll help you take the next step. We look forward to helping you explore the various LGBT fertility treatment options and helping you create your perfect care plan.

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Dr. Skora
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Dr. Daniel A. Skora, a reproductive endocrinologist, is committed to growing families in the LGBTQ community.

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