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J&K: Post 2— Countdown to Consult

J&K are a South Carolina-based couple destined for future fatherhood. They are embarking on their first surrogacy journey and are blogging every step of the process for LGBT Fertility. Join them as they take each amazing, momentous step. We hope you enjoy!

You first met with LGBT Fertility at the NYC Men Having Babies Conference in November 2018. Fast forward 9 months and you’re now less than two weeks away from jetting from your home in South Carolina to our offices in Texas. How are y’all feeling now that you’re *this* much closer to starting the medical portion of the surrogacy journey?
We are excited to be moving forward with the process. It has felt like it has taken ages to get to this stage and there is a feeling of excitement revolving around this trip and moving forward with our journey. Now that we are moving into this stage of the journey, things are definitely feeling more real as more of the concrete aspects of the journey begin.

How are you preparing for the medical consultation?
A lot of it is really just getting our heads around the fact that we are about to fly out for the latest phase of our journey. Part of our preparation has been to get any medical records and our medical history sent to the clinic.

Part of the consult includes a semen collection for analysis and cryopreservation. Have you made any lifestyle changes in an effort to boost your sperm count?
We have both been working on reducing our weight through diet and exercise to help improve the count and the quality of our sperm. Additionally, J has taken additional supplements and vitamins for improving his sperm quality.

I’m sure you have a million questions to ask your physician and third-party team; do you have a list ready to go? What’s the one Q you can’t wait to get answered?
At the moment, we are trying to wrap our heads around everything. Our list of questions stems more around the process after our visit to the clinic. One of the biggest questions for us is really regarding the whole embryo grading to understand what goes into determining viable embryos.

Is there anything that you’re nervous about or is it just excitement overload (in terms of the upcoming appointment)?
There is still a bit of nervousness; small, anxious worries pop up every now and then. Largely, though, we have just been excited about getting into the primary part of the process, we didn’t think we would be this much closer to expanding our family.

Do you have anything special planned to mark this milestone? Lucky socks, dinner out in Dallas, sending a postcard to baby-to-be from Texas?
We don’t have anything special planned for the trip itself, but we will look for something special to do while we’re in Dallas, such as going out to eat or something else to celebrate this milestone.

What’s the one thing you’re most looking forward to?
We are looking forward to getting to meet the team that will be taking us through this next stage of the journey as we move forward with finally starting on the more direct portions of the process.

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Building a family for gay men By Dr. Daniel Skora

Check out this week’s issue of Dallas Voice, the Family Issue! LGBT Fertility specialist Dr. Daniel Skora shares a personal, profound glimpse into a recent MHB – Men Having Babies conference.

“I still get choked up talking about my personal experience and my love for serving my community. While I love all aspects of infertility, there is something so special about treating others in your community. LGBT patients inevitably will need some sort of reproductive assistance in creating their families. It is one of my greatest honors to be able to help make that process as straightforward and easy as possible.”
Read the whole story here – 

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J & K: Journey Blog Post 1 LGBT Fertility

J &K are a South Carolina-based couple destined for future fatherhood. They are embarking on their first surrogacy journey and are blogging every step of the process for LGBT Fertility. Join them as they take each amazing, momentous step. We hope you enjoy!

Q: Tell us about yourselves …

A: We first met through an online dating service back in 2010.  After about a month of emailing each other back and forth, we finally decided to get together for our first date on April 10, 2010.  From there, we dated for a year before we moved in together. After that, we began to work towards buying a house together, picking up some cats along the way. After we bought our house gay marriage finally became legal in the state we live in; we set out on the journey to have a wedding.

Following our marriage, we continued through life’s ups and downs until we decided to start our journey towards having a child of our own together.

We are both rather nerdy, enjoying a variety of sci-fi, fantasy, and other forms of TV, movies, and games.

Q: When did you know you wanted to become parents? Was there an “aha” moment?

A: For us, the conversation of having children has been ongoing throughout our relationship. It wasn’t really until about 2017 when we had the major aha moment and decided to expand our family. We went through the process of researching our options: adoption or surrogacy. We finally decided last year that we really wanted to go through surrogacy to bring a child into our lives.

Q: Where are you in your journey regarding growing your family? Have you selected an egg donor and gestational carrier?

A: We are currently in the process of getting ourselves ready for our appointment with LGBT Fertility. We have selected an egg donor and are waiting to find out her availability. We’re waiting to get things squared away with the fertility center before we get the ball rolling with our surrogacy agency. We’re excited to find a wonderful surrogate to join us on our journey.

Q: What part of the surrogacy process are you most excited about?

A: We are looking forward to the pregnancy part of the process; we can go through the fun of working with our surrogate and preparing for the arrival of a wonderful baby into our lives.

Q: Is there a part of the process that makes you nervous?

A: Finding the right egg donor and gestational carrier for our family. We would like for them to be involved in our child’s life beyond the surrogacy journey if possible. Finding two ladies that we connect with and will be a great match is very important to us.

Q: Do you have any friends/family that have gone through a surrogacy journey? If so, what advice have they given you? 

A: Unfortunately, we don’t have any friends or family who have gone through surrogacy.  Through research, we have spoken with different couples who have.  The best advice they have given us is to pace ourselves and try to have an open-communication relationship with the surrogate.

Q: What advice can you share with other future fathers about taking that first step toward becoming parents?

A: The best advice we can give to prospective fathers is do the initial research. When you start the process, it is very easy to become overwhelmed. There is so much information being flung at you regarding finances, clinics, surrogacy choices (i.e. traditional or gestational surrogacy, using an agency or matching on your own, etc.), and legal considerations. By doing some research, you can minimize information overload and find the best approach that works for you.


Dr. Skora Podcast with I Want To Put A Baby In You

Dr. Daniel Skora sat down with Jennifer White and Ellen Trachman, co-hosts of the podcast I Want To Put A Baby In You, to discuss *all* things fertility. It’s an amazing listen chock-full of insight, education and a side dose of laughter. Enjoy! #SkoraMD #Podcast #FertilitySpecialistsofTexas

Click HERE to Listen!

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Male angst prompts a new fertility service: sperm freezing

Dr. Daniel A. Skora comments on The Washington Post’s recent article Male angst prompts a new fertility service: sperm freezing” By Ariana Eunjung ChaApril 25 at 2:36 PM

“I think it is important to focus on all aspects of fertility. Women are often the center of the fertility discussion but up to 30% of couples have a male factor involved. Most studies have shown association of advanced paternal age affecting outcomes for pregnancy for men over the age of 40. There is an increased risk of autism and schizophrenia. Freezing sperm without a medical reason before age 30 has not shown a benefit but a discussion should be had with a healthcare provider. ”  Contact LGBT Fertility today to learn about your fertility options.


Please read the full article here.

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Dr. Daniel A. Skora, an openly gay doctor, joins Fertility Specialists of Texas

Dr. Daniel A. Skora, a reproductive endocrinologist, joins Fertility Specialists of Texas; September 2018

“First, as a proud openly gay doctor, when I was looking to join a fertility practice one of the most important things I looked at was whether that practice had a long standing relationship with the LGBTQ community. Fertility Specialists of Texas (FST) has been involved in the local and national LGBTQ community since its inception. Dr Goldstein, our founder, has been deeply involved in men having babies since starting our practice. I routinely see local Dallas members of the community and from all over the world. We are involved in local and national fundraising for LGBTQ causes and feel deeply that anybody who wishes to have children should be able to.”  We are thrilled to have Dr. Skora join LGBT Fertility and the FST team!

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