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Affordable Family Building

Young female couple enjoying while playing with their baby daughter at home.

At Fertility Specialists of Texas, we are committed to every patient’s dream of having a child. At the first visit, you will meet with one of our financial counselors who will answer questions regarding our fees.

We encourage patients to explore their insurance benefits. It is important to be informed about insurance coverage; we have listed the health plans that we accept on this web site.

We show our commitment by offering a variety of options. We realize that the financial portion of LGBT fertility care can add an extra burden of stress, and therefore, we want to be as transparent as possible about all the possible costs related to your treatment.

Cycle Option Packages

  • We offer package pricing for fertility treatments; please contact our egg donor/third-party program coordinator for plans and pricing: 214-618-2044.
  • Cash or Credit: We gladly accept cash or checks and all major credit cards as forms of payment for services.
  • Financing Options: We have several financing options available to help you get past any financial barriers and assist you in proceeding with your fertility care. Our financial counselors will help you ascertain what benefits you are eligible for through your insurance and review your options in detail with you.

We believe that quality infertility treatments should not be cost prohibitive. We are pleased to be leaders in our field of reproductive medicine in the Dallas/Fort Worth area offering affordable treatment alternatives to same-sex couples.