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Fertility Pharmacies

We can help you get affordable medications from fertility pharmacies

Fertility medications play an important role on the path to parenthood for LGBT patients who visit Fertility Specialists of Texas. We realize that many patients are surprised to learn how expensive these medications can be. Thankfully, we can refer you to fertility pharmacies that provide these prescriptions for a more reasonable price.

Check out a list of our top selections for fertility pharmacies

As experts in the world of fertility care, we have a lot of experience in helping patients get the medications they need. The following pharmacies are great places to visit because they offer a full line of fertility medications and their prices are competitive.

Keep in mind that these aren’t the only pharmacies that stock the medications you might need for your treatment cycle. Please let us know if you have a pharmacy preference, and our team will work to accommodate it.

Additionally, keep in mind that some insurance providers require prescriptions to be filled at a specific pharmacy. When this happens, we will work with your insurance to make sure your fertility medications are ready when you need them.

Rely on our team of experts to help make your dreams of parenthood come true

Getting the medications you need from fertility pharmacies is one of the first steps on the journey of having a baby. From the very start to the moment you or your gestational surrogate graduate to the care of your obstetrician, our doctors and staff are here for you.

If you’d like to start exploring your LGBT fertility options, contact us to schedule an appointment. We offer a wide variety of treatments, so our clinic can assist patients of all gender identities and sexual orientations, regardless of their marital status.