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Email Policy

In order to better serve our patients, Fertility Specialists of Texas has established an e-mail policy that allows for limited e-mail communication with our patients. For routine questions that do not require immediate response, please feel free to email our office staff. Please keep in mind, however, that this form of communication is not appropriate for use in an emergency situation.

We will make every effort to respond to all routine patient communication within 1-2 business days. Please note that our service provider could delay message delivery and that this function is out of our control. If a question requires urgent or immediate attention, patients should call our office, the nurse on call, their physician, or the answering service directly.

Email is appropriate for these types of communication:

  • Non-urgent medical questions
  • Scheduling inquiries
  • Billing or insurance questions
  • Test and lab results
  • Requests for educational materials

When sending an email, a subject line is necessary to process the message more efficiently. All e-mail communication should include full name and return phone number in the body of the message. We also request that patients acknowledge receipt of email coming from us by using the auto-reply feature. Please contact the office directly for HIV, mental health issues and disability issues.

All email communications regarding diagnosis and/or treatment will be included in your medical record.

We are dedicated to keeping our patients’ medical records confidential. Despite our best efforts, due to the nature of email, it is possible for unauthorized third parties to gain access to messages. If a patient receives an email from us at his/her workplace, it’s important to understand that some companies may consider email corporate property and the email communication could be monitored. Home email may not be secure, so patients should take this into consideration, as well.

In addition, patients should understand that all Fertility Specialists of Texas staff members and physicians have access to information shared via email.

Fertility Specialists of Texas is not responsible for information loss, delay or breaches in confidentiality that are due to the technical factors beyond our control. By initiating email communication with us, patients are consenting to this form of communication and understand the risks associated with email communication.

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