Lesbian couple expecting a child

When a same-sex couple decides to start their journey to parenthood, the most common first step is to research and learn as much as possible about available treatment options. Find your perfect egg donor or LGBT Fertility recommended sperm banks.

At LGBT Fertility, we know it can be difficult to find comprehensive information about infertility in an easy-to-understand format, which is why we created this area on our website; offer multiple resources for support, encouragement and expert advice, as well as additional educational resources to continue the research process.

Each phase of the fertility process, (discovery, diagnosis, treatment, pregnancy, baby), brings its own unique set of challenges. Successful navigation through this exciting (though sometimes overwhelming) time, will be enhanced by knowledge and education, which will allow you and your partner to make more informed decisions.

LGBT Fertility encourages the use of the links below and to supplement the information with any questions to our medical and administrative teams.

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The following is a list of pharmacies that offer a full line of fertility medication at competitive prices. Of course these are not the only pharmacies that stock the medications – please let us know if you have a pharmacy preference.

Insurance providers may require prescriptions be filled at a specific pharmacy. In this instance, we will work within the insurance guidelines to ensure medications are available when needed.

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